Monday, September 15, 2008


So I thought I'd post another one of my random blogs. It's Monday and it's sort of a random kind of day.

1. The Dude in Best Buy: So I'm standing there, looking at camera gear (what else?) and contemplating a new neoprene strap for my D300 when this guy walks up to me and says "Boy or Girl?". I tell him boy and he continues the expected conversation for a little while (when are you due? are you excited? I'll be you can't wait till the baby's here....) and then he takes a right turn. He says, "You know..." (and here's where I'm expecting the usual baby advice...), "...the only thing is that you can't put 'em back once they get here."


He goes on to explain that the only time he goes back to see his family is when he gets another divorce (he's had several apparently) or files for bankruptcy and needs another $25,000 (something he's also done more than once).


Why this is pleasant conversation to have with a pregnant stranger, I don't now. File it under "more weird things people say when you have A Bump" I suppose....

2. Baby Update: So I'm 22 weeks in now. Over half way. Since I keep hearing it from all over, I figured I'd finally give in and put up a "belly shot". I guess to prove that I'm really pregnant and that, yes, I have a Bump. So here it is (horrible quality and all)
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See. Told ya. :-p. I still haven't gained any weight, but clearly where that weight is located is shifting around.

I'm still oscillating between wanting more time to get everything ready and wanting to just meet him and hold him already. We have a crib now, mattress, jogger stroller (woot!), and 2 dressers. That's a lot of the big stuff. We're also officially registered now (with Target & Baby's R Us).

The baby is moving more and more now. Or rather, he's getting stronger so I'm feeling it more and more. Strong enough to start interrupting sleep even. But it's such a cool feeling. Preston and I went with my family (including my brother who was in town from Philadelphia) to a Brian Wilson concert at the Hollywood Bowl for my mom's birthday on Sunday which they used as a summer closer. Which meant fireworks (which I LOVE). Apparently now that Cameron can hear in there, fireworks are able to scare him too. He had been still for a while (sleeping most likely) but when that first firework went off, I got a nice jab to the spleen. Craziness.

3. Football: What up with football this last week? My team (USC) did well against Ohio State (woot! the game that I was most interested in by far...), but what was up with UCLA v. BYU? 59 to 0? Not that I mind seeing UCLA get creamed, but that's just embarrassing. And my other team (the Chargers) got robbed by a ref at the Broncos game on Sunday. And now the Eagles (not my team, but I have to show some love for Philly while my bro lives there) ended up losing to the Cowboys (of whom I have very strong negative opinions). What a crazy football couple of days. But football feels like fall, which I LOVE.

You know what else makes me think of fall? Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yum!

Ok, that's all for now. More info and photos coming soon!


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Sandra Diana said...

Ha! Cowboys were favored to win Monday night... they're also favored to go to the Super Bowl! Woot! Go Texas! :)~