Friday, July 13, 2007

Salmonella. *shudder*

I have been stomach sick before. I have known nausea and all the wonderful things associated with it, but not like this.

I will spare you the gruesome details, but I am now among the ranks of "Salmonella Survivors". Somehow, most likely from the seafood at my Malibu wedding last weekend, I managed to get a nasty case of the stuff. It left me out of commission for almost 3 days and swearing I'd never have children. I can't imagine enduring anything like that for longer than 3 days, let alone 3 months. No thank you.

I did survive though. My insides are still cautious and periodically warn me that they're not sure they're up to whatever I'm considering feeding them (yes, I did just give my GI Track a personality), but I am slowly entering back into the world of solid and flavored food. I'll be honest though. That first bite of cream of potato soup after 72 hours of sickness was practically a spiritual experience. Food, in the creamed and bland form, never tasted so good.

Makes you grateful for little things. I was a food lover before, but for a while it falls under the category of "passion". And if you catch me staring at your food while we eat, don't be offended. ;-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ahhh, summer.

So it's summer time again. And it's hot. Really hot. But that usually means a couple of things. First, it means WEDDING SEASON. This weekend is going to be THE wedding weekend. July 7, 2007 (7-7-07) is the number one wedding date for the year. And they say Americans aren't superstitious..... I, like many other photographers out there, will be quite busy this Saturday. And like the brides and esp. grooms and groomsmen out there, I'll be sweating like crazy in my snazzy all-black get up. Fortunately, I'll be on the water in Malibu, but I can guarantee it's still going to be one for the books.

And may I just say, from experience, that there are few things in life that can be worn that are hotter than a wedding gown. And no, I don't mean the Paris Hilton kind of "hot". If someone ever invents garment air conditioning, you'll make money hand over fist from brides alone. I should invent that...

There's something else that summer reminds me of as well. Fishing. My Papa always used to love to fish. He still does, but he doesn't have as many people to go with him. He even took my brother and sister when they were kids. Now, I remember seeing those photos and I decided that it was time I point out to Papa that he never took ME fishing. ;-) So off we went - my first real time fishing. I'm happy to say that I did catch some fish, and it was a lot of fun, even with the heat.

Now, if only I can get the a/c guy to come out and fix my air that broke YESTERDAY. It'll make things a lot more enjoyable....