Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boy or Girl? We finally KNOW!

You may recall my previous update about the gender of the baby and the lack of cooperation from our child... ;) Monday's appointment turned out to be no different BUT we had an ace in the hole on this one - the prenatal cardiologist.

For those who don't know, my husband was born with a heart defect (officially called a "co-arctation of the aortic valve") that required open heart surgery when he was just 18 months old. He's had several procedures over the years to repair the problem and keep it in good shape - all of which has been quite successful. However, there is about a 5% chance of this defect being passed on to our baby, so we were assigned a specialist and this was round one of the special testing that they'll do. And that's where the ace in the hold comes in. Part of this first series of tests included a full & detailed anatomical scan. ;) And Peanut sure wasn't shy today!

So, besides finding out that so far everything looks totally normal and healthy with everything (heart included, though they'll keep an eye on it since it's so hard to diagnos at this age), we most definitely DID find out the sex of the baby......

Drum roll please.......


IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!! Most definitely a BOY. The due date is still set for January 27 and the name we have chosen is Cameron! Happy bday to ME. :)

We're both very excited, but it's a definite gear shift! Stay tuned for more baby updates, pictures, and details about baby showers, etc. :)



Human Pudding said...


Cameron what?

Glad to hear everything is looking healthy thus far too, will keep praying it stays that way!

Katie and Kyle said...

Yeah!!!! Congrats! It's so fun to finally find out what you're having. I'm really glad that he's happy and that everything looks good.

Stephen Hernandez said...

Oh Mann!! WHat is this business i leave you alone for 11 weeks at summer camp and everything changes... Shazowi! thats amazing im so so so so happy for you that really amazing praise God!

p.s. And yes i did say Shazowi!

Alicia said...

congrats!! great news about HIS little heart.

aren't ultrasounds cool?

i'm super excited for you guys.