Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby Update

So I had another OB appointment today. They said that, assuming the baby cooperates, we'd be able to find out the gender of the baby. Knowing the stubbornness and michieviousness that runs in both my husband's genes and mine, I wasn't holding my breath about a "cooperative baby". ;) And did I know my child already? Oh yeah.

The doc (whom I love by the way) was laughing again at just how acrobatic this little kiddo is (s/he is getting into the Olympic spirit already - Peanut has some definite moves) and of course, that made it difficult to get a good look, particularly at around 15 weeks. SOOOO, here's the basic news. The doctor said that though she "wouldn't commit", she's definitely "leaning girl" right now. I asked if I should hold out hope for my boy still (I want a boy, Pres wants a girl), and she said "No. But I still won't commit". Sigh.

But I'm not that easily intimidated! I'm still hopeful - I mean, after all, if they're going to get it wrong one way or the other, they'll make the error of saying girl when it's really a boy. Really.

So we'll get the final confirmation at my next visit at the end of August (in time for my birthday!). So if you still want in on the votes/bets, get 'em in before then. ;)


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Human Pudding said...

Well, I had a dream last night that you were having twins. LoL Didn't have a dream about the sex/es though.