Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Camille & Jean Claude ~Wedding~

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I love when weddings showcase an incredible love story, and Camille & Jean Claude's definitely did. Not only was their excitement and love almost electric, but their family and friends - especially the ones in the wedding party - were bursting at the seams with it too! I have rarely seen a group of people more excited, more supportive, or just plain more fun! And by the way, you know it's going to be a fun group when the bride wears RED shoes. :) (ps - that's one of my all time favorite shoe shots... and I do love me some shoe shots!)

They were married near Inglewood, but the reception was held at Samba - a fantastic Brazilian barbecue place on the water in Redondo Beach near the pier. Super duper uber bonus points to ALL brides and grooms that choose Brazilian BBQ. Seriously. Sooooo good.....

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The gentlemen were rockin' it out Resevoir Dogs style in this kick butt alley. :)
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Camille chose some very unique flowers for a very unique (and colorful!) bouquet. I loved the button mums. There were even some hidden in the folded leaves and down the side of the stems.
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I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE it when the church allows me to go up into the balcony area. To all the church coordinators out there - hey, I'm a PK - I won't knock things over or do damage, I promise, so please let me get these shots!

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(pps: that's William in the shot.... he's supposed to be there, don't worry)
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Not my best work, but I loved the moment caught in this shot.
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More of those unique flowers. :) I love it when a bride isn't afraid of a little color.
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The PARTY Party. They were awesome.
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A cute moment with Camille & Jean Claude - totally used the "over the shoulder hope they didn't see me" photo technique. I think it worked.
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A little flirty moment.
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**DISCLAIMER** If clowns scare you, skip this image.

If they don't, I actually thought this was cute. There were so many cool locations all along the Redondo Beach boardwalk to take photos. These ons I'm posting are seriously only just a tiny few of them. And the boardwalk patrons ROCK - they cheered and clapped for the bride & groom (and the entire wedding party) every time they walked by. It was actually a really fun experience!

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One more shot of color. I loved the blue, I loved the charged emotion in this shot. I loved that it was getting dark and the light was changing every 2 seconds.
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Special thanks to William Innes for taking me along. I love 2nd shooting and always schedule myself to do it about a half dozen times a year. This was my last one for the year (as far as I know anyway) and I really enjoyed myself!

Time to start the prep process for the next wedding on Friday!

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