Friday, July 18, 2008

Jeff & Sherrie - Wedding!

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This past weekend I had the wonderful privilege or shooting with the beautiful and talented Jessica Verma - one of my fav photographers and people! We were both blown away by the transformation of the roof and lounge area at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. The design and details were handled by one of my new favorite event companies, Contemporary Catering - headed up by Nathaniel Neubauer. They did a FABULOUS job of transforming the roof and lounge area of the museum into an absolutely gorgeous space (fyi, their website is undergoing a re-design, but the current one still functions!).

Here are just a few of the details...


The groom was pretty stunned when she came down the isle.

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 04

Sherrie seemed pretty excited too. She was beaming the whole night!

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 05

I thought this was such a beautiful moment. I'm not entirely sure why, but it sort of had that fairytale-esque quality to it.

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 06

Ahh, the Kiss.

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 07

Photographers and aspiring photographers out there remember, sometimes the moment right AFTER the Kiss is almost cuter and more intimate...

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 08

A cute moment down in the galleries... (PS - I LOVE it when museums let you shoot in the actual galleries!)

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 09

Speaking of the galleries... this was one of the exhibits and I thought it was interesting on so many levels. :)

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 11

The flowers were absolutely stunning - the very tops of the centerpieces had to stand between 6 and 8 feet above the top of the table. And, to make it even better, Sherrie's father was the florist in charge. She picked the flowers, but didn't see the design until she came into the reception for the first time. You can bet she was totally blown away!

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 12

You can't see the tops of the centerpieces, but curly willow continued on up for several more feet. The tables, the design and the view combined for an amazing location!

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 15

Enjoying that gorgeous view of Pasadena City Hall at sunset. Nights like that remind me of why I love California.

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 16


Jeff & Sherrie for blog 17

First Dance cuteness

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 18

And one more because Father & Daughter were just too adorable!

Jeff & Sherrie for blog 19

Congrats to Sherrie and Jeff! It was an absolutely beautiful night - what a great start to a hopefully AMAZING marriage! Enjoy Thailand for the honeymoon!


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