Thursday, July 17, 2008

Courtney & Justin - Wedding Album

So I'm about to embarrass myself. Courtney & Justin (as you'll see in the design) got married in 2006. That's right, over 2 years ago. And their wedding album is just now getting done. Isn't that horribly sad. There are reasons and excuses, but nonetheless, the album design is done now and I'm SO THRILLED that it's finally finished. :) To see Courtney & Justin's full album design (10x10), simply *click here*!

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It's always interesting to me to look back on how far I've come and how much my style has changed. Courtney & Justin had a beautiful wedding in Laguna Hills and I remember being stunned by the detail and d├ęcor, especially at their reception. It's funny me to think back on it in a way and think what I would have done with the details now vs. what I did then. I hope I can say that in 2010 and 2012 and 2014...etc. How far have you come in the past couple years? Have you revisited yourself or your work from years ago?


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