Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am NOT a Cowgirl.

Let me see if I can make this clear. Yes, I went to Canyon High School, so in that sense, yes, I'm a Cowgirl, but not when I'm shooting a wedding! And I don't mean the outfit either (though I can also assure you that boots, spurs and hat stay at home for weddings too - oh wait, I don't think I own any of that. Maybe the hat).

One of the things I stress to my clients about my style is that I LOVE it when I get to the review session and my newlywed couple sees a beautiful image from the day (esp. the ceremony) and says "Oh my gosh! I didn't even know you were there!". That, my fabulous friends, is how I know I did my job RIGHT. I want to capture everything, every detail, but I want to do it like a ninja. You never saw me, I wasn't there. I have highly honed cheetah reflexes for exactly this purpose. Lol.

For those who are concerned or possibly aren't sure exactly what I mean, let me give you a sample of exactly what I DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER do! :)

For all my upcoming and potential clients out there, know that I solemnly promise to remember that it is YOUR day, YOUR wedding, and that you lovingly invited YOUR guests to be a part of it. And that I can get the shot without having to resort to being a Cowboy (or girl). Also, know that I never wear jeans to a wedding. Ever. Unacceptable. (Oh, and PS - is he wearing a fanny pack?)

I am curious though - anyone out there have a photographer like this show up? I'd love to hear stories. :)



Sentimental Visions Photography said...

Oh no no no no no!!!!! wrong on soooo many levels!!!

Lissa Anglin said...

Wow, that is terrible.

Vanessa Joy said...

this is hilarious! I want to post this on my blog too, where did you get it?