Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photoshop Basics

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Ok, so I've had a lot of interest lately in photography and the editing side of life - specifically how I edit my photos and how to use photoshop for it. I'm not guru on photoshop, but I have a decent working knowledge for my uses. So, in the spirit of sharing, I'm helping some people out with photoshop this weekend. Nothing official, nothing that I'd be charging for, but just some basics. If you're interested, PLEASE feel free to join us! All you need is a computer with photoshop and some photos you want to play around with. You don't need to be a "photographer" or even use an SLR, just some pics to play with (point-and-shooters, that means you!). So here are the details:

Where: My place
When: THIS Saturday, May 17th
Time: 1:0o pm
What to bring: your computer, some pics, and a smile

If you're interested, email me for the exact address and directions (the house is still new enough that it won't show up on Google maps...) The email address is: briennemichelle@gmail.com

The more the merrier!

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Matthew Saville said...

Brienne, what are you doing hosting a get-together on a Saturday? Thats when photographers work the most!

If I could be free I'd love to come and actually BE a photoshop guru and add my 1.5 cents to the fray, but I've got events to do, so we'll see. Drat.