Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kamesha & Steve

So it's a bit late, but here are a few images from my wedding on the 25th of August. The bride & groom had some interesting issues to deal with - even more than the normal wedding. This wedding was originally booked for late October, but since the b&g are both military, they had to change the date when the bride was called to serve overseas in October. Despite the OTHER circumstances (those of you who got a frantic phone call know what I'm referring to here), there were still some great images.

Don't mess with either of them! They're both in the Air Force!

I love these next two - Steve wasn't too up for it at first, but I'm glad Kamesha talked him into it.

Family photo op here. :-) This is the new, blended family.

Congrats to Kamesha & Steve - thanks for having me be a part of you day! My thoughts and prayers are with this new family as Kamesha is supposed to go to Iraq the first week of October.


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