Thursday, September 13, 2007

Becoming a LoveCat

I've just finished reading "Love is the Killer App" and I can't recommend it enough. I had just decided to get more info on the biz side of photography (I run my own photography business after all), and this was an awesome jumping off point.

Kudos to Dane Sanders for the recommendation and to Tim Sanders for writing it (I don't think they're related, but I could be wrong). It is chock full of great advice and is a breeze to read. It's funny, simple, and informative - and leaves me wanting to be a Lovecat.

The basic premise is simple - if you fill yourself with knowledge, build your network, and are a basically compassionate person, and then you share that with others selflessly, you will succeed. It's not for the sake of success necessarily, but for the betterment of business and for your own good.

Let's just say he's made a convert of me. Competition in the work place (in the way that the term "baracuda", "shark", or "pirana" is used) is a thing of the past. If we share our knowledge (which has been boosted by reading EVERYTHING on relevant subjects), advice, network (address book) and do it all with GENUINE concern for those around us, the sky's the limit.

That's a horribly over-simplified sum-up of the book, but it's sort of the basics. I recommend reading it - you won't regret it. ;-)


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