Sunday, February 25, 2007

A goal of mine...

Okay, so some of you have asked about my Santa Barbara trip this past weekend, and I promise, photos are on their way from that. But the Oscars tonight reminded me of a long lost dream of mine.

One of my dreams is to do a shoot with Kate Winslet. She's such an amazing woman. I don't necessarily know much about her personally, but I've seen her take a stand for her body, and the bodies of women in the lime-light. That's just cool. Plus, she stands up for her family. I know that currently, she's taking a year off (till summer 2007 I believe) from filming just to spend more time with her kids. That's rare (celebrity or not) in this world. And now, with her fifth nomination, the early 30-somthing has set a new record for actresses, having more by nominations for her age than any other actress in history. Congrats!

Who wouldn't want to photograph this stunning lady? It'd be a piece of cake too, cuz I'm pretty sure she doesn't take a bad shot.

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