Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Info, Discounts, Promises & PROOF about J. Elway

I've been totally slacking on my blog-life lately and I must apologize. I have tons of stuff to blog now (I'm oh-so-nicely backed up on that front!) and I promise I'll be getting that cooking soon. Especially those of you who had family portraits with me and gave me permission to post - those will go up soon, I promise! Wow, I just said "I promise" a lot in this paragraph. I better hop to!

This is the middle of Holiday Portrait craziness for me right now and I have one wedding left to shoot before I'm done for a while (thanks to maternity leave) and it's this weekend. I still have a few slots open for portraits if you're interested, but mostly weekday times. If you're interested in doing a weekday shoot between now and December 1, I'm offering a special 15% discount! Remember, that's for weekday sessions! Weekends are almost completely booked.

Anyway, like I said before, I WILL be getting caught up on session posting, but in the mean time, I wanted to address a nasty rumor. I have heard via a few emails that some of you don't believe I shot John Elway (with my camera). I was righteously indignant at this until I realize that those photos too were un-blogged. So to put you at ease, here's a quick shot from during the filming portion for ESPN's new show "Homecoming". :)

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Told ya. :) You can also see one of my photos of Mr. Elway on the cover of the SFV News magazine this month.

More blogging coming soon!

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