Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lindsay & Matt ~Wedding~

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Lindsay & Matt are a couple after my own heart. She's detailed and focused, he's goofy and always smiling. And he always makes her smile too. And they're fans of The Office. Holla! They even had a "Dunder Mifflin Scranton" table at the reception. How awesome is that?

They held their wedding and reception at the lovely University Club in Pasadena - a gorgeous little location that had a combination of old California charm, thoughtful staff, and great photo locations.

I got there as Lindsay was finishing up getting ready with her girls. I think out of all the ladies there, her dress actually went on easiest - all of the bridesmaids literally had to use pliers to get their zippers to work properly on their gowns! I had to get a quick shot of Lindsay's awesome monkey socks though. :)
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I loved this little sign hanging on the entrance to the bridal room. The whole day was packed with little details like this.
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Another detail that I was quite jealous of was Lindsay's gorgeous pearl bracelet. It was simple and stunning at the same time. Had to sneak a pic or two...
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The lovely ladies.
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Lindsay enjoying a brief quiet moment. I loved the lighting in this hall. This, btw, is completely straight out of camera. Love. It.
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Her flowers were gorgeous too. This is also SOOC - there will be several of those in this post today... I showed this photo to Lindsay right after I took it and she was so excited. I love it when I get to show a bride and groom that their hard work has really paid off!
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Ceremony time! The outdoor garden/atrium was really beautiful. And the lighting was scrumptious. (SOOC again)
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Her dad did really great and seemed genuinely happy for both of them as he gave her away (SOOC).
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(still SOOC)
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This one obviously isn't SOOC and I'm not sure how I feel about the editing. It's a little more than I usually do, but I kind of like it. Opinions?
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A more formal wedding shot. I don't usually post the more formal ones, but I thought I'd put a few in this time. (SOOC)
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A more fun, goofy one. I told them to "act natural and let some personality show" so what do Matt & Lindsay do? What any newlywed couple would do...
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The gentlemen.
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A few of the very happy newlyweds.
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This is one of my more "signature" shots and I have it requested a lot. I especially love how her flowers just pop off the tuxedo black. (SOOC)
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This one is turning into a signature shot too and is becoming more and more requested (esp. this season). I still love it though.
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Another of the more "formal" ones (SOOC) - I do take some formal portraits. Mostly for the moms, but hey, you gotta have a few.
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I had some fun playing around with their rings and trying to get a unique shot. I don't know about the ring shot itself, but the groom's Star Wars cake was pretty awesome. Nothing like a Millennium Falcon to complete a cake.
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First Dance cuteness.
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More ring shot fun. The groom had some awesome glasses (you'll see them again later).
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Father/Daughter dance. One of the best shots of all time. Why? Because if you look closely, you can actually see the glint of the tear that is about to fall from his eyes. Kid. You. Not. I absolutely love being able to be there for that kind of moment.
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I must pause for a moment to mention one of my favorite DJs of all time - Eugene Franklin. He's seriously unstoppable. I've worked with a lot of DJs over the years and no one beats this guy. He is talented, professional, hilarious, and knows how to get a party started. He doesn't have a website, but you can reach him at (310) 631.2421. He's worth every penny. Here's a shot I couldn't resist putting in - the bridesmaids requested Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and everyone was totally rocking out. So what does Eugene do? He brings the mic out to the dance floor and lets 'em wail. Stud.
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Incidentally, he's also the same DJ I worked with a few weeks ago at Mark & Joy's wedding. Here's one last shot of the fabulous party!
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Best wishes to you two! I hope you enjoy your honeymoon up the California coast! Thanks for letting me be a part of such a wonderful and special day. And special thanks to Michelle Rene for coming along with me and shooting 2nd!


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Sandra Diana said...

I like that effect you used with them coming down the aisle but maybe not particularly on that shot. Looking at it from a non-photog POV, of course, I think it might work better for a shot of them coming into the reception or perhaps the couple running to a limo? Just an idea! :)