Sunday, August 3, 2008

Things I've Learned So Far...

So I'm officially settling into my second trimester. Hallelujah. But partially for my own mental benefit and partly for the sake of sharing (esp. for friends and family who are far away and are curious), I thought I'd take a minute to reflect on my experience so far. If you don't care so much about the personal things, or you aren't really a baby person, I won't be offended if you skip this blog. ;-)

I've gone through a myriad of the "usual" symptoms so far. I spent most of June and July nauseous (so fun) and discovering strange things like the experience of hating coffee and chocolate. My nose was suddenly in overdrive (I can pretty much tell you the ingredients of almost anyone's dinner two tables away at a restaurant without looking) and that meant that certain smells = instant nausea. Most of those have faded (though cigarette/cigar smoke and burned toast still seem to have that effect), and fortunately, I'm able to eat more again.

I completed my entire first trimester without gaining an ounce (probably a good thing given my pre-pregnancy size) but still managed to get enough nutrients that my anemia is in check. This is especially good since I'm unable to take iron supplements. Pernicious Anemia really stinks (a side effect of the Hashimoto's Disease) and taking the normal prenatal vitamins made me REALLY sick. It took 4 tries to get something I could actually take. Considering how limited my diet was for a while there, I was thrilled to learn that all is going well. In addition, my Hashi's seems to be in pretty much a full remission, my thyroid dosage is functioning very well, and all my antibody levels are doing great. The nausea wasn't fun, but my body seems to be functioning NORMALLY for the most part. And for me, that's a HUGE deal!

I'm finally able to eat Mexican food again. That's BIG for me. Seriously. I practically live on the stuff, so that makes me a happy camper. I do feel like a Hobbit though. I can't ever eat very much at one time, but I have to eat really often or I'll get sick (empty stomach = BAD). So I have First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, 11-zies, Dinner, Tea, Supper..... It's taken some getting used to, but it works.

The fatigue is lifting. It still hits me at unexpected times where I suddenly find myself thinking "Wow, the sidewalk would be a fantastic place for a nap right now" or eyeing the benches in the mall, but it's better than it was even a few weeks ago. And I have begun to discover what the conversation about Hormones is about. I'm usually aware of when it's completely irrational (like when I want to football tackle the random lady on her smoke break outside because doesn't she know that's bad for my baby!?!?!?).

There are definite pros and cons to pregnancy. A lot of the pros are obvious - including one I just got to experience the other day. I finally got to feel my baby moving. S/he is quite the Olympian and I had a bit of heads up of what to expect, but there is absolutely nothing that can replace that little swishy-swirly-popcorn-popping-in-my-stomach feeling. At first you kinda cock your head to one side and go "Was that...I mean....wait...really?", but it kept happening and has continued to happen since then. It just kind of makes me grin to myself and think "For reals???". One of the cons that probably bugs me most is the lack of personal space anymore. I know I'm an American and therefore used to much more personal space than many cultures would, but the feeling of turning into some magical buddha who's belly must be rubbed.... eesh. I don't remember if I was a "belly rubber" before, but I will NEVER be one again. Due to both Hormones and certain things in my past, I've never been one that likes a lot of touching unless it's someone I know, so total strangers coming up to me and rubbing my belly? Definitely weird. I'm considering it a learning experience though. It's truly not worth correcting some people about and it's not worth hurting feelings, but I do know how I plan to be with other pregnant women from now on. To those I have belly-rubbed in the past, I am truly sorry.

All in all, the excitement is building and my husband and I are both enjoying the daydreaming stage. :) Every now and then he laughs because I have to point to my growing stomach and whisper "Baaaaaaaby". It's pretty cool and pretty mind-blowing. More updates later. And maybe belly pics. Maybe.


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Cherise said...

I am pretty sure you asked before you did the buddha rub on me, so no need to apologize. Wait 'til you get the bazillion questions... fun.