Friday, August 15, 2008

Roger & Veronica ~ Wedding

I'm a little behind on blogging my weddings this season due to business (and occasional lameness), but I'm getting caught up, I promise!

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Last month I shot Roger & Veronica's wedding in Monrovia (reception at Monterrey Hill) and it was beautiful. This was the first wedding I shot where the entire ceremony was NOT in English at all but fortunately, I'm familiar enough with Catholic ceremonies that it wasn't a problem. ;) The church was GORGEOUS.

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Veronica wasn't feeling too well after the ceremony, but we still got in a few beautiful portraits. This one was one of my favorites because it was almost accidental. Well, I took it on purpose, but Veronica was staring off towards her new husband. I love capturing things like that.

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Ok, one more. The entrance to the Monterey Hill Restaurant is really beautiful and I had to take at least one shot there.

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That's it for now. I have a few more weddings to post, plus I'm shooting 2 this weekend (including 2nd shooting for Jessica Verma again! I love shooting with that girl!), so I should probably get sleep. I didn't used to have to care how late I'd be up blog surfing and blogging, but I guess those are things I need to care about now. ;) I HAD to stay up to watch Phelps on his 7th race. That man is UNBELIEVABLE.

Have a great night!


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Katie and Kyle said...

Another beautiful wedding! You're awesome! How are you feeling? ...Besides sleepy that is...