Friday, July 25, 2008

MY Family Photos

My parents' church is in the process of updating their website (a headache that I'm sure SEVERAL of you can sympathize with - kudos to Patrick for taking it on) and that means a lot of new photos. Especially since their church is the first in the state (and possibly the nation) to GO GREEN! That's right, they had a ton of solar panels installed and are officially generating their own energy (and a little extra too that goes back into the grid!). You can read more about it at the church's blog.

Anyway, new photos usually exciting to me - and it means I'm in process of completing #73 on 101 in 1001 list for TWO churches (woot!), but this particular photo shoot was extra fun for me. Since they need updated photos of the pastors and staff members in the church, that meant I got to take some headshots of my parents! I've secretly been hoping to do this, but knew I'd need a reason to do it. I was very excited to have one. :)

So here is my lovely parents - I'll be you can't tell which one I look like a mini-me of. ;)

My mom, Cheri (LOVE the black, white and yellow!):
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And my dad, Ken. :) Doesn't he look pastorly (yes, I invented that word...):
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Don't they look way too young to be grandparents? Also, even though I clearly got my mom's eye color, my dad's eyes mean that I do have a blue gene in there somewhere. And since my husbands baby blues are super blue, I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY hoping for a blue eyed child... *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping!

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me do this - I hope it was as painless as I promised!


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