Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to School Specials & Holiday Deals!

I've been getting a few emails recently and a few new print ads have come out (or are about to) about the specials coming your way. I thought I'd put it out there so you know they really are coming!

In August and September, I'm offering a myriad of Back to School deals (can we say $50 sessions?) and packaged print specials (wallets, 5x7s and 8x10s bundled together for great savings). Everybody has to get those annoying school photos for school, but that doesn't mean you have to send grandma THAT picture. :) Let the school have it for the yearbook and get GREAT photos of your kids for the family. I'll guarantee your kids will enjoy it more too. And for Senior Portraits, I'm running some awesome deals on that too (including half off on the popular "Trendsetter" package that features unlimited locations!). Scheduling for these shoots will be posted soon, but if you want to get your school photos in, feel free to email me and we'll get you booked. Sessions booked before August 10 get a special 10% discount ON TOP of the other discounts (holla!).

For Holiday Portraits, it's pretty much total madness. But this year, especially due to my pregnancy, I'm organizing a little better. It might feel early to be thinking about it, but I'll only be taking bookings in October and November for the holidays (which means you'll definitely have everything in plenty of time - bonus!), but I won't be taking any last minute calls this year for December. I'll be offering lots of deals (including some free sessions) and 15% off ALL albums for all holiday portraits! I'll be scheduling these as well, so make sure you get booked EARLY. Seriously.

Ok, more info coming soon - you'll see a whole new page on the website soon with all the info, but feel free to email if you want the info sooner or if you want to secure your booking at

Keep smiling!

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Alicia said...


CONGRATS on your pregnancy, that's super exciting. babies are a blast, even when it's exhausting.

and it's good to know that the migration towards mommy-blog is natural :o)

good to hear from you..