Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dialogues of a Blow Dryer....

My conversation with my blow dryer yesterday went something like this:

Me: "Hey! Ouch! Wtf?"
Blowdryer: "Ooh. Hey. Sorry about that. You ok?"
Me: "No. Jerk."
BD: "Hey, watchit. That wasn't really my fault you know."
Me: "What? You think I meant to do that?"
BD: "I didn't say that, but to be fair, you are holding me."
Me: "What's your point."
BD: "Well..."
Me: "Hey wait. You're talking. Are you like, Narnian or something?"
BD: "Sure - I used to have a job with the Fawns. Tumnus and I go way back... NO! I'm not
Me: "Ok, but, you're like, talking."
BD: "I'm always talking, I just usually say 'WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH'"
Me: "You burned me. Jerk."
BD: "No. You burned yourself. I was just the instrument. It's not like I have legs or something.
You do have a track record, you know"
Me: "Yeah. You got me on that one."
BD: "................"
Me: ".................."
BD: "I am sorry about that nasty crisscut pattern on your face though."
Me: "Sucks. At least I missed my eye. Barely."
BD: "Small miracle.
Me: "You have a point."
BD: "Forgive me? Or am I headed back to the Fawns?"
Me: "Nah. You can stay. Give me a heads up next time though."
BD: "No promises. You really should put some neosporin on that or something."
Me: "......"
BD: "Yeah......"
Me: "Back to 'whooooooosh'?"
BD: "Deal."

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