Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Am an Action Hero.

**CORRECTION** I previously stated that the TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS were Kubota - my bad! They are the Boutwell's! Kubota has AWESOME actions too (which you can purchase here) - but the TRA set of 46 is provided by the Boutwells.

I finally did it. I joined the ranks of Action Heros - thanks to the Boutwells. I have kept hearing about their TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS! from various photographers (Becker, Jessica Claire, Melissa Jill, Kristen Leigh, etc.) and I have to say - I should have done this sooner. Check out some samples.

The first picture is straight out of camera, the second is with "Boutwell Magic Glasses" (LOVE this one), and the third has Magic Glasses and "Old Skool Fast":

Image Hosted by

And here's another sample. First pic is SOOC:

Image Hosted by

And this is the same pic with Magic Glasses, "Warm it up, Kris!", and some Yin/Yang action:

Image Hosted by

Aren't they tasty? I love it. The pack comes with 46 actions for CS2 and CS3 and is totally worth it! I definitely recommend them. Check 'em out!


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Matthew Saville said...

The Totally Rad Actions, (which have nothing to do with Kubota actions, BTW) are indeed phenomenal. They are an essential tool to any current digital photographer, professional and hobbyist alike.

Meanwhile however, I'm still putting in long, numerous hours attempting to "convert" the assortment of rad looks from PS actions to Bridge / Lightroom presets, since I am SO completely addicted to that workflow...