Thursday, May 8, 2008

Joel & Rebecca's Album!

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I am so excited to see Joel & Rebecca's album design done! They had a GORGEOUS wedding this past March in Pasadena, California at Lake Avenue Church - a fabulous 100+ year old church. Rebecca & Joel are one of the sweetest couples! Both are super talented musically (a plus in my book) and their wedding showed it. Joel is quieter and has one of those looks in his eyes that girls dream of when he looks at his bride - Rebecca is super witty and funny and extremely loving to her adorable husband. It was such an awesome ceremony to be a part of!

All of that to say, I hope their fantastic 11x14 album encompasses the love and beauty of their day. To see the full design, *click here*



Matthew Saville said...

Wow, beautiful! Love the color at the beginning of the album... And great shots all around. Forgive me if you've blogged this info before, but are you designing your own albums or are you having them designed for you?

Take care,

Katie and Kyle said...


Brienne Michelle said...

Hi Matt! I used to do all my albums myself but I realized that my time was better spent elsewhere. Afterall, I got into this business because I'm a photographer, not an album designer. And since my approach has always been "Eliminate, Automate, and Outsource" I eventually found the PERFECT person to do my album designing. Her name is Sandra and she's FABULOUS. She actually works with other photographers as well. so if you're interested, email her at

Thanks for your comments and questions friend!