Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good Friends, Good Times, Good Price Hike?

I got to be a NORMAL GIRL today! I got up at my normal Saturday morning time (6:45am - I know, I'm crazy) had my coffee (currently Pike's Place Roast from Starbucks - pretty good actually) and eventually got dressed to head out. I love slow mornings. Mostly because I'm ALWAYS slow in the morning and I prefer it when the rest of the world just cooperates with me. And coffee. I need coffee.

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I headed down to Sherman Oaks and had lunch with some of my fav fab people - namely Sandra & Matt and of course my hubby. Some of you may already know it, but Sandra, besides being an amazing friend (no seriously, she really really is), she's also my uber-talented album designer. It used to be a regular thing for us to meet up at The Habit and talk business (or whatever else came up), but it's been a while. So this was a real treat for me. :-)

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It's always good times when the four of us get together, and of course I had my camera (do I go ANYWHERE without it?) Sandra & Matt are hilarious - especially because Matt doesn't care for it too much when I take his picture. ;-)

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Actually, that seems to be a theme with the guys. Preston doesn't care for it much either. ;-)

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He still likes me though. ;-) Or at least puts up with me most of the time.

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By the way, she gets the question a lot when she's out and about, but let me just put it to rest right now - YES, IT'S REAL. And the camera isn't adding 10 lbs. here...

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Can't you tell why we get along so well? This is our ferosh face (well, kinda...):
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So Sandra is also basically my business partner and Studio Manager now and she's been on me for a while now about my prices being too low for my costs and what I'm offering, and I finally listened. I've come a LONG WAY since I first started, and it really was time. So, effective today, the prices have changed! Check out the website for new info.

Whew! Well, happy Saturday everyone!



Sandra said...

6 Months??? I couldn't go 6 days!!!

Matthew Saville said...

Congrats on the price increase! I need to completely re-design and update my website, meh...

Dang, This tuesday is gonna feel so boring. :-(


Brienne Michelle said...

I know! It's going to be so sad and dull. I'm sure I'll just end up seeing Mike & Dane's faces wherever I go simply out of wishful thinking. I almost signed up for another intensive just for something to fill the gap. ;-)

I'm thinking about getting a regular (like maybe monthly?) thing going with several of the photographers from the class and around the southland. Get together for coffee, dinner, shooting, biz love/chat, something.... You game? Email me if you are:


Katie and Kyle said...

It's so good to see pics of both of you! You girls look great. By the way...thanks so much for the Ren. Faire pics. I've told my husband all about it and I was glad to be able to show him what I was talking about.

Cherise said...

LOL at Matt's shirt. Looks oddly familiar. :)