Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Ode to a Punk.

I alluded to it in my previous blog about some not so fun stuff this past weekend, but I didn't want to put it in Nikki & Chris's blog - that was happy stuff and this was afterwards anyway...

So, after I finished shooting for the night, I walked back to my car and found a lovely surprise waiting for me - my car had been broken into. :-( I drive a convertible, so I don't ever keep anything valuable in my car, but that didn't stop this punk from throwing a cinder block through my passenger window. They did a quick smash and grab job and didn't even take the radio/cd player. They did take the two bags sitting on the passenger seat though - which contained my makeup. Talk about insult to injury.

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I had to hangout until the cops got there and then file a police report. Officer Medina was fantastic and very helpful - even laughing at me when I hummed the Law & Order theme while he fingerprinted my car... I was lucky that the perp didn't cut through my convertible top (that's REALLY expensive to get fixed), but I'm still really annoyed he took my makeup. After making the report, and after Officer Medina fingerprinted the door, he moved to the inside of the vehicle. That's when we discovered the rock (aka cinder block). After teasing me about my habit of hauling large rocks around in my car, Officer Medina finished his report, and gave me a pair of gloves to start cleaning up the glass. By the way, that glass defied all laws of physics. It got into every little nook and cranny, behind the seats, under the seats, in the a/c vents, EVERYWHERE. I managed to cut only one finger, adding injury to insult to injury, and cleared enough of the glass out to drive home mostly safely. And the punk broke my cup holder. Jerk.

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Before leaving, the Officer had to take the rock into evidence that had been thrown through the window. Ironically, since it was in my car and therefore "in my possession", he had to give me a receipt for it in the event I want to get it back. I'm sort of tempted to do just that...

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In any case, I have my car back now, with a new window. I even learned some things during all this. For example - NEVER keep anything in your car that has your address or personal info of any kind on it (credit cards, license, registration, insurance, check book) because apparently identity theft is the number crime to result from car break-ins. Also, keep your car clean. If it's dusty (like mine was), it's REALLY hard to get good fingerprints off of it. Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to dedicate a short little poem, and ode, to the pathetic, pedantic, pissant punk that broke into my car (yes, a real P3Punk):

Oh pathetic punk,
you who are so sad and lame
who's desperate need for makeup
led you to smash and defame

Oh poor fiend & giver
your generosity amazes me to no end
you willingness to part with such a lovely rock
makes my heart melt and bend

Oh mean pathetic person
who took out your anger on my cup holder
I left you a bag full of glass for your trouble
I hope you grow up to be something better when you're older.

Ok, so my writing skills are pretty bad, but I wanted to give myself some closure (since we all know that the fingerprints won't yield anything... Maybe I will go get that rock back...


Sandra said...

Yes! You should get that rock back and in big black letters write "BASTARD" on it! Or perhaps your little ode. That would make a nice conversation piece.

Anonymous said...

Your poem and blog reminds me of the Dane Cook sketch "I've always wanted to uppercut a punk***" If you find this guy, make sure it is a good swing and that he falls onto a table wit a large cake or bowl of punch on it. Glad you are safe. :o)

Mel said...


I must say Im mighty jealous actually. When my Miata got broken into outside our apartment they made me give a statement over the phone, no one came to fingerprint or anything and they took a lot more than just make-up =( Not only that, but they did cut my rag top. All in all, I say you got lucky in the long run.

One comment though, unfortuantely you have to keep at least a copy of your registration in the car in case you get pulled over. So unless you're going to keep it in your purse you gotta have that kept in the car somewhere. Sucks, I know!

What happened to keeping your doors unclocked for just such reasons??

Glad you got your car back with new window. - And I echo the previous comments...GET YOUR ROCK BACK!!

Fortune said...

That really really sucks. I'm so sorry some jerk decided to pick your car.

As for the glass, ask your husband. I remember once his window motor broke for his driverside windown. He got away with pushing it up and down by hand for a few days until that one fateful time. As he pushed the windown down, it shattered in his hands. I don't think he was cut but there were little pieces of glass everywhere!

Brienne Michelle said...

A note about registration in cars:

The police officer told me this as did my Uncle, and San Diego Police Sergeant - keep you insurance and registration on your person at all times (and make copies for other people who drive your car). Often times punks who break into cars will get your address, and knowing that you're obviously where your car is, will go to your address and break into your house if it's close by. Apparently this happened to a woman in my Uncle's church in Oceanside. She was parked at the church and her house was only 6 blocks away - the jerk got her address from her registration, went to her house and broke into it (getting a whole lot more valuable stuff than what was in the car).