Thursday, April 3, 2008

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

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My fierce album designer Sandra and her super cute hubby Matt did a "Happily Ever After" session with me back last November. You'll remember it - it was the famous in-Big-Bear-Lake-while-it-was-freezing shoot (hence why I call her "fierce"). One of the photos from that shoot has opened more doors than I ever thought possible. When you look through their album, it won't be hard to figure out which one... In any case, she's just now been able to put together their little (and awesome) book - "And They Lived Happily Ever After...."

The reason it took so long you ask? Because I've sorta had my album designer scrambling lately (it's true - just ask her). She's hardly had a free moment lately, but somehow she managed to get her own album designed. And of course, it's amazing. I am definitely ordering my own chic sample album out of this. I hope more of my clients out there will consider doing a shoot like this - I can pretty much guarantee you won't regret doing it and you come away with some editorial style photos that have your friends and family's mouths gaping! You get a lot of "You did what?" and then they see the photos and start asking how they can get it done too. Trust me, it's always a big hit. And your kids and grandkids will think you are so cool later.

To see Matt & Sandra's full album design, *click here* and enjoy!


Lorijo said...

hey Bri! I love your work, it is beautiful art-photography. I've got you in my feed reader so I'll be following along for as long as I can =) a couple sites you might like, some photographers from my church: and
hope you enjoy them! you can also check out my blog...but not a lot of photography in me, just music =) love ya! lori (apu music friend)

Mel said...

Cant wait to fit back into mine so we can do some shoots like we talked about before. Maybe beach? Paintballing? Something else? *shrugs* Im sure we can figure something out by the time I fit in it again (if eve).