Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#63 - Check!

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This Monday I finally got to go back to La Super Rica with my sister! Number 63 on the List! Her birthday is in February and we usually try to take some kind of trip or something. Last year, we went to Santa Barbara for a few days (which was awesome), and discovered this AWESOME little taqueria on Milpas St. I'm telling you, there is nothing like it. Hand-made corn tortillas (you literally watch them make YOUR tortillas while you're standing there), amazing chuletas and tamales and guacamole.... Mmmmmmm.....

We couldn't stay or do a trip this year, but we did drive up for the afternoon, and even visit our favorite little Chocolaterie (double Mmm!) for some dark chocolate truffels. I even tried one called "Belgian Nirvana" - I concur with the name. ;-)

If you're ever up for a drive, or if you live in the SB area, you have to tried this place. It's really amazing. :-)

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Mel said...

You also checked off #4 on your list, Im surprised you havent blogged that yet.