Wednesday, February 27, 2008

#4 - Check!!!

I'm so excited that I can check off number 4 on my101 in 1001 list! Especially since this is one of the CUTER goals on my list. ;-) This is Sophie - our cute little Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

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She's only 6 months old but she's tough! Which is good since we knew that she was going to need to be if she wanted to hold her own with our first dog, Kipper (a border collie/Australian shepherd). We got her from a couple who is found out recently (about 3 weeks after they bought Sohpie) that they're expecting twins! And with a 2 year old and only an apartment for everyone, this little sweet pea was a bit much. We were only too happy to step in!

She's already taken over Kipper's bed - though they just share it at night usually. ;-)

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Corgi's are apparently the smallest herding dog and are used to herd cattle and horses (!!!). She's definitely a strong willed little tough chica! Kipper pretty much fell in love with her the first moment he met her. We'd been warming him up for a few months telling him we were going to find him a "girlfriend", so that might be part of it. ;-) As soon as we brought her home to try things out, he started bringing every toy he has to her and licking her face and playing. It's been happily ever after ever since. :-)

He still thinks that she wants to play with his toys (even though they're practically bigger than her!), but she doesn't mind as long as she can chew on his ears!

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Isn't she soo stubby and cute!? Look at her big 'ol Will Smith ears!
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And one more of Kipper - he still gets the award for "dog that knows what to do when he sees a camera". :-)
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Melanie said...

Glad they get along!! Very adorable! I'll have to come meet her soon =)

kristen leigh photography said...

i want to come seeeee her :(