Friday, December 14, 2007


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So I've decided to re-read "The Tipping Point" (by Malcolm Gladwell). I have discovered something about myself recently - I really really like audio books. I find myself in the car a lot driving to photo and/or design sessions and I love to have some kind of sound. I do this even when I'm home alone - I have to have sound. I usually turn on the TV, even if I'm in the other room just so there's sound.

I have an ipod an it's loaded with a lot of my favorite tunes, but I have started getting into audio books lately too. I totally dig it. So to make more of my travel time, especially during the holidays, I'm re-reading (or listening I guess) the Tipping Point. If you haven't read it, it's AWESOME and totally helpful.

What books have you read that you'd recommend? Feel free to let me know your favorites - I'm always looking for more good stuff!

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