Thursday, November 1, 2007

Farone family fun

This past week, some good friends of my family - the Farone Family - were out visiting from Louisiana and Oklahoma. It was a blast to get to see all these crazy cats again - especially Nicky (sorry to call you Nicky in public, but I have to differentiate from your dad somehow...) who I hadn't seen since he was like 13. And now he's married. For crying out loud, way to make a girl feel old. (You rock my world though Jackie, don't worry!).

Anyway, while they were out here, I did a headshot session with Nick for some new album covers for his upcoming re-releases (with newly remastered tunes an a new album coming this summer). Anyway, some of those shots are in there, plus some pictures from our visit to Balboa Park in San Diego to see the Dead Sea Scrolls (which was AWESOME by the way - they're here till December 31 so go if you can!).

to view the slideshow. Enjoy!


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