Friday, August 17, 2007

Meet the Newest member of the Shepard Creative Team!

I am SO excited to announce officially that Sandra has joined the Shepard Creative Photography team! As a New York trained actress, vocalist and dancer, she is practically bursting at the seams with creativity (which is actually a really fitting statement for her since she's also an accomplished seamstress!). She's also worked in the LA tv/film scene for over a decade and brings her own personal industry experience (both behind and in front of the camera)to the team. She is able to offer personal consultations, advice, and input on a variety of areas, including Headshot photography (in fact, I'd say she's probably the new resident expert!).

Sandra has spent a lot of time in front of the camera and will be joining the team as an Album Design Specialist. She also will be taking some of the reins on marketing and development and has already put together some new offers and packages that we hope to premiere by January of 2008 - so keep your eyes peeled!

On a personal note, Sandra was recently married to her wonderful husband Matt just under one year ago at Disneyland in southern California (they're Disney Fanatics) and knows well the time, effort, money, and love it takes to plan and pull off a beautiful wedding. She brings her own experience and sensitivity to the beauty of your event to each album she crafts and creates. I'm lucky to have her and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Welcome Sandra!

*photo by Jessica Verma

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Alberto said...

hey shes pretty hot. nice job!! hehe