Friday, August 10, 2007

The Day before THE DAY

So, I'm preparing for my wedding tomorrow (not my actual wedding, a wedding I'm shooting - in case that sounded confusing) and it takes me back.

A lot of times, before a wedding, as I'm preparing for the next day's activities, I find myself thinking back to what I was doing the day before my own wedding. My prep work is NOTHING like that day now (thankfully). I spend the day before THE DAY charging batteries, checking backup equipment, clearing gig cards if they haven't already been cleared, getting some kind of sugary candy (I will bribe children - I am not above it), loading equipment, etc.

The day before MY DAY was crazy hectic. It was not something I ever wish to relive (there's a reason why most people only do a Wedding (the capital W kind) once. ;-) So as I load up my gear, I think about my clients for the next day and think about what they must be doing right now. I think about how exhausted they must be and how, most likely, they won't be getting much sleep tonight. I remind myself of what a roller coaster of emotions they're on and try to keep that tucked away in the back of my head for the next day. I hope that I don't add to any anxieties - brides and grooms have enough!

I have to go back to packing and prepping, but I just thought I'd share that. I'll be sure to post any favorites from tomorrow's wedding. :-)


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