Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's just around the corner.

My first wedding of the year is just around the corner on February 3rd. I'm so excited to get back into that scene - I've missed it since last November.

It causes me to reflect on what my goals for this Wedding Season are. I am including a new service this year and am excited to make it a part of all my wedding packages. Thanks to the genius of David Jay, and Open Source Photo, I am including the Show It Fast slideshows at my weddings. There's almost nothing cooler than the Bride and Groom getting to see their own photos at their own wedding reception from that day! I can't wait to include this at every wedding I shoot.

I hope to pay it forward a little bit more this time around. I hope to take more 2nd Shooters along with me. Afterall, the kindness of the lovely and talented Jessica Verma (she shot my wedding too) has much to do with my present success. If she hadn't taken me on as a second shooter when I was new to the business, I wouldn't have gained nearly the experience that I have.

All in all, I'm anxious and relieved to start up the 2007 Wedding Season. I think it's going to be a good year.


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