Thursday, January 11, 2007

I love my job.

Sometimes, I'm reminded just how much I love my job. Today I did a shoot with a friend who is performing her Junior Recital at APU on March 21 (at 8:00pm - sorry I got this wrong the first time around, Mishka).

As I spent time convincing her to lay down in the middle of active train tracks (actually, she was pretty game and it didn't take too much convincing), it started to dawn on me. I have the best job in the world.

The more time I've spent pursuing photography, the more I've realized that there is nothing better than getting to play for a living. I don't have to work every again. I just get to play. My work, though I take it very seriously, is so much fun, that I rarely think of it as work.

Is there anything cooler? I hope that you take some time out to think on what you really love in life. Life is worth taking seriously, obviously I believe that. But at the same time, life is so worth taking seriously, it's worth pursuing what you love as well. I know that saying to "follow your dreams" is really cliche, but, in a way, I mean it. One day I finally talked myself into following my heart and pursuing my passion. And I haven't looked back.

This time of the year is a great time to reflect. For the first time ever, I did NOT make a New Year's Resolution. This year, I'm just going to take life as it comes - I'll make "resolutions" along the way.

So if I can encourage you to do anything, it would be to simplify your life enough to figure out what your passion is. Even if it's for one day. And pursue it. With everything you have.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, by the way. It's just my little corner of the world. :0) Or, as the French might have it, Brienne-le-Chateau.



Michelle said...

Its March 21ST! BE THERE!


Ken Ferguson said...

Hi Brienne, Ken Ferguson from fergiesfabfotos. I truly am impressed with your philosophy on life and how photography is showing you the way. I agree wholeheartedly. I would like to see a bit more of your work as you go along. Perhaps you might care to visit my site, there might just be something there that takes your fancy.
And allow me to wish you all the very best for the future. Regards Ken