Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Am So Flexible.

Do you remember the movie "Signs" with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix? I totally love that movie (even though it scares me still - especially the sounds the aliens make when they talk...). I always end up walking around afterwards wondering if I should be wearing tin foil for a hat, but rarely give in to the temptation. Rarely.

Anyway, there's this one poignant scene in the film where Mel & Joaquin are talking about serious stuff as the world seems to be ending. They discuss "the kind of man you are - the kind that sees signs, or coincidences" in things (roughly). Joaquin's character tells this hilarious story about being at a party and almost kissing a girl, but turning his head to get rid of gum before kissing her only to turn back and discover that she's vomited in the interim (sorry for the grossness...). He uses this as his example of why he's a "Signs Man" since that was clearly a sign that he shouldn't be with that girl. And I totally sympathized with him. Because I am so a "signs" kind of girl.

If you're one of us, you know who you are. You see meaning in things like being caught at a red light only to pass an accident ahead of you that you would have been in had you run the yellow. You see it in small stuff too - like the sale price on the BCBG shoes you've had your eyes on for months (that is so a sign - especially if the only pair left is in your size...). But if you're like me, you wonder if you should ever take mundane things, like, say, fortunes from fortune cookies, as "signs."

Which brings me to my point. Fortune cookies. Preston and I had a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite SCV restaurants (Grand Panda) and finished our meal in typical fortune cookie fashion. I was amused when I read mine:

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I mean, who doesn't want to be told that their life will be happy and peaceful? I laughed because I want to have a chat with the writers some days and say things like "Umm, hello? baby on the way... Just what is your definition of 'peaceful'?" My husband and I shared a laugh, and he opened his. This is where I sorta got bitter (yeah, I'm one of those people who struggles with not taking fortunes personally - maybe it's just pregnancy hormones, who knows...).

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Flexible? He's the one that's flexible? Ok, Mr. Fortune-Cookie-Writer, show yourself! I am so flexible. I'm so flexible that I'm not moving until you come out here and explain yourself! While my husband continued laughing and totally enjoying the moment, I huffed and puffed for a few minutes at the clear insult from some writer who just doesn't know me. That's about when the ridiculousness of it hit me and I promptly went into female-recovery-mode (aka pretend like you didn't just do that and don't know what they're all talking about...).

Ok, ok. So maybe everything doesn't have to be a sign. Or maybe Mr. Fortune-Cookie-Writer meant it more literally since I can't even see my toes anymore, let alone touch them.

Yeah, maybe that's it.


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Sandra Diana said...

Ahahahahaha.... I blame Preston. He must have grabbed the wrong cookie ;)