Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ron & Anna - Engagment Session!

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of working with Anna & Ron - two absolutely adorable people who make an even more adorable couple. Ron & Anna met when Anna started working with Ron's family in the financial industry. They kept him secret for a while, but finally word got out that there was "a brother" that she should meet. They've been together for almost 4 years now and I am so excited for their wedding this October in Beverly Hills!

Ron is my kinda guy - a poker player, an electronics guru (he had THREE flat screen plasmas covering an entire wall in the living room so he could see all the games at once), and always ready to laugh. Anna and I had our fair share of things in common too - love of shoes for starters (and that's a BIG one for me!). She is just one of those super sweet people that you can't help but feel instantly comfortable with.

We met up in Huntington Beach at Ron's home, and I mistakenly assumed that Huntington Beach = beach shoot. SOO wrong and I was SO excited about that! As soon as Anna said "We're not really beach picture people, we wanted to do something a little different", my ears perked WAY up. :) So we all loaded up and headed to the Irvine Spectrum and then to a cute little miniature golf course. :)

We started out on the carousel of course. :)
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The Spectrum was chock-full of great little colorful areas to take cute romantic pictures.
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I love Hollister's shutters! They're always fabulous for photos.
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We had to take these shots at the miniature golf course with the Eiffel Tower. Anna & Ron will be heading to Paris and Rome for their honeymoon this October, so it just seemed so appropriate. :)
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And one final one - I love that Anna & Ron didn't even bat an eyelash when I said "Ooh! Let's take a few pictures with this school bus!). PS - LOVE the yellow and black! ;)
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Aren't they fantastic! So excited for October! Thanks for being so awesome you two!



Anna said...! I loOove these pictures. Thanks for making us both feel like rockstars that day. You are so super cool and absolutely wonderful... Can't wait to see you again in October!

Ksusha said...

Dear Anna and Ron,

I am so happy for you two. You will make a great family together. Pictures are awesome!

Love you, guys


Sandra Diana said...

What a GORGEOUS couple! I can't wait to see their wedding in October and make an album for these beautiful people!