Monday, June 9, 2008

Lame-oh Lame.

Lame-oh lame. That's how I'm describing myself currently. I can't tell you what a crazy whirlwind I've been on this past week, but I can tell you it has been intense. I'm in the process of picking up all the pieces and desperately trying to get organized again, but WHEW, a girl gets overwhelmed easy these days. Look, here's my overwhelmed face:

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So, in the spirit of Becker and Mondays, here are a few miscellaneous thoughts.

#1 - What the HECK is up with the officiating on the Lakers vs. Celtics games? It was annoying the first game, but last night? Holy cow. That was just plain horrid. I don't care if you hate both teams, it's obvious something is wrong when one team gets 38 free throws and the other gets 10. Powe had more free throw attempts than the entire Lakers team. Lame-oh.

#2 - Why do dogs shed so much? I know we're going into summer here, but MAN. Keeping up with my pets and their hair right now is ridiculous. Maybe it just shows up more on tile or something, but for crying out loud. I'm tempted to teach them to sweep or something.

#3 - Sometimes church ladies impress me to no end. Not always, but this weekend, at our new church, I was so impressed with the love and generosity the "church ladies" showed to our Pastor's wife. They went in together for her shower and got her the crib, mattress, swing, car seat, AND stroller. How awesome are they!?

#4 - $200 for the 3G iPhone (8g)? For Reals? That's ALMOST enough to tempt me to go over to At&t. Not quite though. They'll have to build a tower near my home since At&t and Verizon still don't get service here.

#5 - I stink at organization. For those of you who know me best, you know how much I have prided myself on this in the past, but the time has come for me to admit I stink at it now (with the exception of certain areas). If any of you have organizational tips or feel like coming over for a few hours, I need some serious help!

Ok, that's all for now. More updates, info, and craziness coming soon. I actually have tons of photos I need to blog and a wedding coming up this weekend, so there is definitely more coming to the blogosphere. ;-)



Matthew Saville said...

yep, the iPhone at $199 is indeed tempting me. But AT&T doesn't have service at my house either, so no dice until I can find them un-locked. T-Mobile rules.


Cherise said...

Depends on what you are attempting to organize. I love to organize. I just battle a packrat. I would come over, but yeah, maybe advice by email/chat?

Em said...

hey do you have a wedding to shoot on July 12th.. I'll be in town and have some time to meet for breakfast or coffee.. interested????