Friday, April 11, 2008


I have a secret addiction. Blogs.

I seriously surf them constantly. I might need an intervention. But I love looking at other people's work & art and I love seeing the world from their perspective - even if only for a minute or two (usually like an hour or more.... lol).

I was reading through one of my favorite photographer's blogs, Me Ra Koh (she's AMAZING and really hysterical - if you're a mom, you NEED to read her stuff) and came across her post on Julie Watts - a BMX racer turned mom turned photographer.

Every now and then I see one of those images that burns into my brain and inspires me to create. This image taken by Julie was one of those images.

Image Hosted by

Me Ra posted it and I immediately followed her link to Julie's blog to read more about it. She's done a whole series on belly dancers (a not-so-secret past time of my own - briefly...) and I was blown away. I love how she played with light and shadow (esp. shadow). It inspires me to play more with that and to take some risks with the lighting in my photos. I'm usually so concerned about my metering and exposure, making sure everything comes out just right. But shadow has its own fierceness too.

Thanks for the inspiration Julie! Keep up the fabulous work!

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