Tuesday, September 25, 2007

GENUINITY. A new word.

Anybody who knows me well knows that I am ALWAYS reading. :-) I love books and I have learned to really love audiobooks in the last 3 years or so (thanks to long commutes in my past). I'm on a business book tear (if you have any you'd like to suggest, please do!), and I am currently reading "You, Inc." by Harry and Christine Beckwith. I found it on iTunes randomly and downloaded the audio book to my iPod. I love it! It's helped to remind me of how much being genuine really matters in any business and in anything in life. If I try to pretend to be something I'm not, one of two things will happen: 1) the person I'm being fake in front of will see through me (which just makes me look dumb) or 2.) I'll fool them. And the kind of person who is fooled by me will also be fooled by someone else eventually too - not usually the kind of thing I'm looking for. ;-)

And to have a Stephen Colbert moment, I'm going to invent a word here: Genuinity. Which, for my purposes, means the quanitity or quality of your genuineness. I started this blog last year to help share and inform my clients, friends, and prospective clients of the real me. I believe in being REAL. The more I've whittled down what I do and what my photography is all about, the more simple it has become - I shoot REAL people, REAL moments, REAL memories. My photography is about being real because I and making it a point for me to be real also.

So I hope you enjoy the stuff found in this blog - it's little pieces of the real me. Got something you want to know? Ask, and not only will I answer you, maybe I'll even blog about it.

How is your own Genuinity doing? You can only be you anyway, so why not do it well?


SandyCantu said...

Love Stephen Colbert!! and your new word!! You are right we might as well be who we really are. I was just being me during our photo shoot. I hope it came across through the camera. Because no one has been able to do that yet. Not even my photos for commercials came out right and I spent $800.00!!! And all the casting agents said was the photo and the real me did't match. So much for an acting career! Love Ya Sandy

Josh said...

I totally tried to make a point using this word in an English class. The professor corrected me and I told her that I meant and stood by the word I used. Thanks for the back-up!