Friday, January 26, 2007

One of my "HEROES"...

With the popularity of the show "HEROES", I thought I'd mention a hero of mine. Meet Emily Johnston. I don't think she knows that I think of her as one of my heroes, but I do. ;o)

Emily was a roommate of mine in college for 2 years and taught me a lot about life. I am privileged to say she was one of my bridesmaids when I got married in Nov. '05. I've always been impressed and inspired by her since I first met her and the motivation hasn't ended. I got to hang out with her for a few hours last week and was so excited. I think I pretty much turn into a gelatinous mass around her sometimes, but I really was so excited to see her and hear about her life. She's fearless.

Let me tell you a little bit about this girl. She has spent a lot of time (A LOT) serving in India, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. (that's her in Guatemala on the right) in some of the scariest and saddest places on earth - in the death houses. I don't know if that's the official term, but it's where people with AIDS, typhus, tuberculosis, leprosy, etc. go to die. She volunteers to bring comfort to these people, regardless of the risk to her own body.

Her work overseas and in missions has always been impressive and motivational to me (my 10 day stint in Thailand, though nothing compared to her time there, was largely inspired by her), but not as much as her newest "mission".

Emily has relocated herself, on her own, to northern California to take a job at a university heading up their missions department. I like traveling, but the thought of moving 10 hours away from everyone I know for an indefinite period of time just plain scares me.

I was thinking about her a lot today and I just wanted to share my appreciation for her in a little more public forum (sorry Em). So here's to Em-J (I'm raising my coffee to you!)!

Miss you girl.


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Emily said...

Ok, now that I have stopped crying, I can comment... thank you so much for the kind words... you mean so much to me!!!! Although I feel like I fear so much, I have been amazingly blessed by God to have done and seen what I have. I really truly believe that everything is gift... and I am happy to share the gifts I've been given to everyone I meet!